Nobody likes hangover, but getting drinking alcohol without getting a hangover is impossible most of the time. So, you have your first option to not get a hangover: don’t drink. If you still want to enjoy your booze, here are some things you can try.

Juice mixers

Antioxidantsare the secret to preventing a hangover. Why? You thought the hangover is all about dehydration? One of the main issues of a hangover is oxidative stress which is actually easy to deal with if you just double up on the multivitamin intake. Having juice with your booze is also an alternative to lessen the stress. But make sure that you are not dumping in too much sugar because that will worsen your hangover.s


As many have guessed, dehydration is another issue because you make more trips to the toiler with alcohol. But drink in moderation instead of making yourself waking up in the middle of your sleep after half a gallon of water.

Clear spirits

Congeners are impurities in alcohol that are formed when the alcohol ferments and the typical drinks rich in congeners are Bourbon whiskey and tequila. The clearer is the alcohol, the less severe is your hangover, which explains why expensive vodka is totally worth it if you are getting wasted with an important day ahead of you tomorrow.

Other clear spirits with low congeners level include Gin and sake.


Drinking soda in the morning can help with your metabolism as it encourages your body to process those alcohol leftovers. Just don’t straight up drink soda when you wake up, but drink it after a glass of water.

Not herbal teas!

On the other hand, tea will actually slow down your metabolism, so don’t drink this if you don’t want to prolong your hangover!