Barely anyone has ever been someone in charge of preparing the booze for 100 people at a wedding party. This is probably the scenario for you and we don’t want to bust our budget into stocking a bunch of champagne or red wine that are not even drunk half!

You Know Your Guests Best

Nobody knows better than you when it comes to what your guests drink the most. Depending on the region of the country as well, it could be a better choice to go with all beer or all wine option. Most importantly, you need to reckon if your closest friends and family members drink wine or beer. Most of the time there are people who prefer more beer and others who prefer wine. It’s rare to find a party with everyone being beer lovers.

Daytime vs. Nighttime

People drink more at night, which means daytime celebrations won’t have people drinking as much as they would have at night. Most people don’t want to get drunk in the middle of the day (it might be a different story if it’s that one family member who was just too excited), so imagine 40-50% of what they would drink at night.

If it’s strictly beer or wine…

In some regions, beer is the way to go. If you plan to have an all-beer bar, prepare at least two types of beer: light and strong. Of course, you can have more options if you want to. While with the all-wine option, most people go with one type of white wine and one type of red wine. Sometimes, bottle or two of higher-quality wine is reserved for the married couple and the family members.

How much?

It’s pretty safe to assume that people consume 1 glass of beer or wine per hour. From there, you can calculate how much you need to buy for your wedding.