Is drunk sex better than regular sex?

For many people around the world, some of their sexual experiences likely took place while they were drunk. A large portion of teenagers tends to do this. Sometimes, they don’t set out to have sexual relations, but it ends up happening anyway. It’s something which is visible in college campuses. The web is full of sexually explicit videos showing people in college having wild sex. A great deal of the free porn content found online features these types of scenarios. They teach young adults in frenzied parties which often lead to sex.

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In certain instances, some go further, and the sex turns to threesomes and even orgies. As a result, a person may grow up thinking that they need to be high or drunk to have sexual relations. Other times, they may push that further by theorizing they need to be under the influence to enjoy it. All of this plays a crucial role in people believing that drunk sex is better than doing it without any inhibitions, which brings us to the question of whether or not regular sex is better than when you are drunk.

As with any debate, you will have some who will argue for drunken sex. To them, they see no better way to enjoy sexual relations than when they are feeling inebriated. Those who have sex without taking any alcohol or drugs argue otherwise. No matter what side of the argument you fall on, the facts are what’s important. Whether people want to admit it or not, drunken sex is usually not a memorable occasion. It can tend to get gross, sloppy and even uneventful. Some women have a harder time reaching orgasm when they are drunk than when sober. For drunken men, they have a difficult time getting and maintaining an erection.

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The worst-case scenario for people when they are drunk and having sex is not being in total control. You have many instances where a woman may have wanted to have sex, only to change her mind. But when she tried to stop the person, she could not. Worse yet, the other individual refused and decided to do it anyway. This takes place all the time, and it usually ends up with the victim being blamed. She is punished by people who judge her for being too drunk in the first place.

While there are some instances when drunk sex can be useful, there are limits. Never be so drunk that you are not able to be in full control. Plus, those who have sex when they are sober often say it is much better than when they are bombed. Both perform at higher levels, with increased intensity and the connection between each other is greater. In conclusion, what’s the point of having great sex if you’re too drunk to remember it?